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VBF Connection
SidePlate Moment Connection
SidePlate Moment Connection


Steel Connections and Detailing

Steel Connection details are carefully coordinated between design documents, custom components in software, and AISC code requirements.  Whether your project utilizes connection sketches, standard details, or AISC standard connections we carefully detail the connections for adherence to the design.

Our skilled detailers are experienced with AISC standard connections as well as copes and block shear checks and can utilize these resources to provide shear connections that meet contract load requirements, whether that is 0.5*UDL, load charts, or reactions given.

Utilizing Tekla Structures, we are able to create custom components for non-standard connections and make the connection detailing process more efficient.  

We have customized connection components set up for SidePlate moment connections and have detailed several projects with this system.