Steel Building Construction

Shop Drawings and CNC Downloads

Our job as your steel detailer is to provide high quality fabrication drawings and CNC downloads to make your project run smoothly.  With fabrication becoming more automated, CNC downloads are more important than ever.  We utilize Tekla Structures to provide the data that you'll need to fabricate your project.  We customize our output for each fabricator that we work with to ensure optimal performance from your shop.  We understand how crucial production is and how costly mistakes can be.

Erection Plans and Project Management

Our erection plans help your erector understand how the building goes together.  We aim to eliminate field welding where possible and help make the building erect as smoothly as possible.  Our skilled team of detailers are quick to develop field work and revision drawings for changes late in the game.

Customization for Shop Standards and Practices

We've worked with numerous steel fabricators and can adjust our detailing to fit your shops needs.  Some shops prefer bolted-bolted clip angles and some prefer welded-bolted clips and we can customize this and any other connection to fit your shop.  We will also work with you on the CNC and KSS downloads to ensure they keep your shop efficient and accurate.